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*** Edited. Well I decided to keep this blog.

Wow, it's been more than a year since I last posted here and I realize that I never posted the pro photos from our wedding. Sadly today wont be the day but I will post them soon I hope.

So many things have happened since our wedding, good and bad. We spent our first anniversary in Santa Barbara and I fell in love with the place. I would have no problem going back for every anniversary.

Favorite picture of the trip

At the Santa Barbara Mission

We rode bikes for about 2 hours. Amazing!

Since I still love the blogging world but I have no wedding to plan, I started a new blog. I hope there is still some of you out there still interested in me and my rants. Come on over and stay a while.


One month ago (and some days)...

Wow! One month ago on July 11,  I married a wonderful man.  One month ago I shared one of the happiest days of my life with my family.  The bonus for me was that my boys were there to see us get married.  They won't get to just look at pictures to know how mom and dad's wedding was like.  Well, I guess our 2 year old won't remember much but I bet he'll be happy to see himself walking down the isle with his beloved cousins and "wuita" aka grandma.
We don't have our pictures back yet, but hopefully soon.  Our wedding video should be here any day now and I am dying to watch it.  We the brides miss the most important part of the day.  I didn't get to see my handsome groom walk with his mom, I didn't get to see our bridesmaids and groomsmen walk. And the kids, I can just imagine how adorable they all looked! I know I was a mess walking down, although my nerves were calmed by a few people walking through the back of the cathedral moments before.  I was hyperventilating a little and while trying to smile, I forgot to look at my groom! I was checking out the people who were there and then I remembered, wait what about D?? And then  I saw him. I caught him trying to hold back tears.   He didn't actually cry but he was just as emotional as I was.

I try to re-live the day as much as I can and every time, there is a new memory.  One thing I don't want to remember is the things that went wrong.  What for? It doesn't matter now and as soon as I catch myself thinking that we should've hired a different DJ or that we should have done this or that, I stop and concentrate on the good things.  Why torture myself, we are married now and that is what we wanted so no need to go back.

Life after wedding planning is different, I find myself trying to find interest in other things.  D noticed and he suggested finding a hobby, something I love and blog about it.  For now, I just want to read.  I love reading and I love it when I can't put a good book down.  I started listening to the audio book The Secret.  I'm not sure I like the whole listening versus reading, I feel like in missing out on something.

How do/will you spend your free time after the wedding?


We're Married!!

 Photo by cousin Gabby
We are finally married! It was a wonderful day and lucky for us, it wasn't too hot. Was the day perfect? Of course not but I couldn't be happier. As everyone else before me has said, enjoy the day because before you know it its over! 
Things that went wrong? Lets start with the day before. D arrived to our rehersal about 45 minutes late!! On the day of, I almost had a meltdown while getting my hair done, I am so glad I spoke up and didnt get up until my hair was somewhat decent. We were  running late for the church and while on our way, we came across an accident on the freeway! I was supposed to be there at 2pm and arrived at 2:45!
Everyone kept telling me that I did not look nervous at all. My mom said she seemed more nervous than me.  I was pretty calm the whole day, until I stepped in the Cathedral. I was made of Jello at that point.

Thanks so much for your encouraging comments and messages! More posts to come.

Mrs. D


This is it...

This is it, the week of our wedding. My God, I never thought it would come. I always thought We would be overjoyed and extremely happy.

In fact, there is joy and we are extremely happy to be getting married this Saturday. This Saturday!!!! But, there is always a but.

We are stressed out. Like never before. There are money issues and we feel helpless. There is some sort of family tension as well. I think we just expected too much. Mostly me. I expected our family to be happy for us, to be just as excited. Not at all, and it hurts. I always knew that our wedding will not mean the same to anyone else as it does to D and me. But dang, I never thought it would this bad.

My biggest regret so far? My wedding party. D's groomsmen have been great. No problems there. My girls? A big joke including my "Maid of Honor". I absolutely know this is not their wedding, but I thought they cared a little more. Getting them to get their dresses done in time was a huge headache. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't have the time to show up to our rehersal this Friday.

But enough, D and I will be married this Saturday and we cannot wait. We are already ONE, this will just make it official.

I have a lot if things to blog about, after this week I will have the time to post it !

How was YOUR wedding week?

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Our Engagement Session

We finally had our engagement session a few weeks ago. It went great! I was actually more comfortable than I thought I would be, D on the other hand? Not so much! He hates being in front of a camera...I love our pictures anyway. We met Janice and her assistant at the Disney Concert Hall in downtown L.A and started from there.

It took a little longer than expected to receive the CD with our pictures in the mail though. Completely our fault! We moved more than two months ago and we forgot to mention it to Janice, our photographer. Our CD was not forwarded to our new address and it wasn't returned to Janice either =(. She graciously sent another copy to our updated address and we received them yesterday.

I'm very glad we decided to have an engagement session after all. D can be more relaxed on THE day and maybe we can both think of what to do with our hands hehe.

Janice was great and we can't wait 'till she shoots our wedding.

-all images by Janice Trowbridge


Engaged Encounter weekend

We will be spending the weekend at a retreat for engaged couples, as I mentioned before, our priest requests all of his couples to attend this retreat in order to marry us. No options here, it's a must in his books. This step is required by the Catholic Church and I've heard there are different options for this. You can attend one whole day or attend to 3 separate sessions. Apparently, our priest doesn't believe in the other two options since we can only do the 3 day weekend. It's all good, I'm looking forward to a weekend of no wedding errands. I don't know exactly what goes on during the day but I'm sure D and I will enjoy it and come back refreshed.

On a different note, we took our engagement pictures about a week ago and our photographer has posted the proofs! Here's a sneak peek:

Have a great weekend!